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HR-36 Roof & Wall Panel
1 1/2" Deep & 7.2" Pitch

Metal Roofing and Siding
HR36 Panel - 1 1/2" Deep

Features / Benefits 
  • 1 1/2" Deep & 7.2" Pitch
  • 36" coverage means fewer panels to handle and install, saving time and money.
  • Long spanning capability: design provides superior load and span capacities, saving money in structural support.
  • Quick, standard economical trim packages available and can be ordered by number.
  • HR36 is great for commercial / industrial roof and wall applications, equipment screens, agricultural and residential construction.
  • Fiberglass panels are available to match the profile of the metal panels.
  • HR36 is available in 20, 22, 24, 26, and 29 gauge
  • 7.2 panel is available in zincalume or a wide variety of finishes and colors in 24, 26, or 29 gauge
  • Recommended minimun slope of 1:12.
  • Panel lengths up to 42 feet are available
  • Self-sealing fasteners are available for wood or steel applications. Painted or Galvanized.

HR36 metal roofing and siding is available in painted or zincalume finishes.  HR36  is  a 1 1/2" deep metal roofing panel and wall panel with a 7.2" Pitch.  This through fastened metal roofing panel provides a 36" coverage. HR36 and 7.2 Panel is easy to install and can be used in a variety of applications including roofing and siding material for commercial, agricultural, and residential projects, self storage, equipment screens, .  Exterior applications: Total roofing area, an accent to a roof in conjunction with other architectural elements of design, metal siding, decorative fencing, restaurants, movie sets. Interior applications: Focal point or backdrops such as a backsplash in a bath or kitchen, textured ceiling, and a wall treatment. As a wall application HR-36 can be used both vertically or horizontally to create design interest.

HR36 metal roofing can be shipped anywhere in the country very inexpensively on one of our route trucks.
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